House of Taira
"We're alone now, you could kiss me"

Rei let out a small giggle as she side-glanced at the pale young man, heat rising in her cheeks. If he was going to toy with her, she might as well beat him at his own game, right? She turned to him then, a playful smirk gracing her features as she leaned forward, stopping when her nose was nearly touching his.

"I could, couldn’t I?" She replied with a wink, only to straighten her stance moments later.





"R-Rei-san what are you doing here?"Itachi asked with suprise in his voice as he saw the brunnette tempting to crawl in bed with him.

"Checking for monsters, of course…what else?"

She lifted the covers high above her head so she could investigate further.

"Don’t worry, I’ll check under the bed next."

"Monsters…?"Itachi asked with a confussed look."I’m pretty sure I don’t have monsters in my covers."he replied watching the brunnette pull the covers over her head.The young Hokage raised an eyebrow when she mentioned checking under the bed next.

Rei lowered the covers, moving to the edge of the bed. She laid down on her stomach, letting her hands touch the floor as her head hung over the side.

"You’re right, no monsters under the covers. I’m having a hard time checking under the bed though. It’s too dark to see properly."

Rei stealthily placed the ✿ in the other girl's hair as she passed, smirking at her work. "Hm, lovely," she mumbled with a tiny wave.



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"Hm? Looking up from the magazine she was reading Noriko lifted up her hand to touch the soft petals of the flower that was currently in her hair. "What was that for?" she asked looking up at the woman who had placed it there.

Hearing Rei’s stomach growl, Noriko tilted her head to the side. 


"Eh? O-oh, I’m sorry Rei san." Noriko apologized holding up a hand feeling slightly guilty for embarrassing her. "S-sure." she said "Uh, please call me Noriko." the pale haired woman said "Uh, we can split the bill, I don’t mind."

"Noriko-san," she nodded with a smile. "Oh no apologies necessary. It’s my fault for skipping lunch, you know?"

"Are you certain about the bill? I really don’t mind."

An owl flies down and settles itself in front of her. The note attached to its leg reads as follows:


I’m sorry. I’m not very good at making friends, am I?


Rei stretched in her seat, letting a small yawn escape her lips as her shoulders and back popped satisfyingly. She’d been studying for a little over an hour now, having hardly moved from her current curled-up position in a comfortable Common Room chair. Her attention had returned to her Charms text when an unrecognizable owl settled on the table in front of her, and she raised a dark brow upon seeing the attached note. Not from her parents, of that she was certain as she gently released the small parchment, opening it with mild curiosity.

Why would he -

She placed the note in her lap, frowning to herself while twirling a section of brown tresses. He’d either seen right through her facade, or she misread him during their conversation…maybe both?

"I thought he’d have lots of friends as Head Boy. Surely he does, right? But I guess this is kind of my fault, you know? I’m usually pretty intuitive but he’s kind of…difficult to…um…"

The brunette stared at the owl for a moment only for it to stare right back quizzically. Surely she hadn’t expected an answer from the bird? She snorted in response, picking up her quill and a small piece of parchment from the table.


I wouldn’t say that! Besides, I’m just as much at fault for any misunderstandings I think. Friends?

- Rei

When she’d finished, Rei rolled the parchment and secured it to the owl’s leg, being sure to tell the bird “thank you” before sending it on its way.

People will want you to behave a certain way, to make a certain choice because it reinforces the way they see the world…But you have to do what’s right for you.

 Jennifer Weiner, Fly Away Home (via wordsnquotes)

[text]: I know you saw me get knocked out after I stepped on that rake. Why did you leave me there?


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Upon reading the message displayed on the small screen, Itachi could not help but raise his eyebrows some. That was not what he had expected to see when he saw that it was from Rei.

Was this her way of attempting humour?

[text]: —I beg your pardon? This is the first time I’m hearing of it. You’re not trying to pull my leg now, are you?

She’d better not.

She gingerly rubbed the spot between her eyes where a knot had formed, squinting slightly while reading his reply. A small pout formed on her lips only to pull into a smirk moments later. All things considered, what happened was quite humorous.

[text]: Certainly not. Eh, guess it was someone else then. My apologies!

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"You have something...." He moves close to her. His head inching ever so close. His face hoovering a mere inch away... half... centimeter.

"Hm? Something on my face?"

The brunette takes a small step back, gaze downcast. She raises her hand to rub her cheek before running her index finger beneath her right eye.

"Did I get it?" She asks, brown eyes focused on him once more.

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