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halloween AUs

  • Deep conversations and wow i wonder what you look like under that scary mask AU
  • Everyone thinks we came to this party as a couple because our costumes match what’s your name AU
  • Babe i know it’s halloween but we have to take my little brother/sister trick or treating before we can go out AU
  • Working together in a haunted house AU
  • You’re dressed as a sexy cop and oh god please arrest me AU
  • FUCK! YOU SCARED ME i’m so gonna get you back for that AU
  • Carving pumpkins AU
  • Working at a halloween store together wow try on his costume for me?? AU
  • Dare you to walk through this haunted cemetery with me AU
  • Ouija board thinks we should fuck AU
  • Aren’t you a little old to be trick or treating?? AU
  • This haunted house is terrifying please hold me AU

hALowlween auS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Uchiha Sasuke + the truth about Itachi requested by sasukev
He wanted to be a criminal, a traitor. Accepting 
dishonor in parment for honor… And hatred in
payment for love, even then Itachi died smiling.
Entrusting the Uchiha name to you, while
deceiving you forever.
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"What are you reading today?" asked Quigley, the little book ferret.

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What's your definition on love? I've always wanted to know this from a poet.


Tough question.

I think love is like the ocean, we can float or drown within its waves.

May your sea be calm-

Michael x 

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// Sorry for the delay, everyone. Replies are drafted, and I’m hoping to tend to them as soon as possible. I sent a FanMail to each of you explaining the situation, but I’m not sure that it was received so I’ll just reiterate things here…in addition to working, I’m also taking a few classes this semester. One ends in November, so that should free up some time for RP before everything wraps up in December. I truly appreciate your patience and will send a link as soon as my reply is posted.

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  • "Especially do not look for any period of time at the hooded figures."
  • "Well… we have all been scientists at one point or another in our lives."
  • "Cover your ears to blot out the screams."
  • "The angels have taken my salt for a godly mission, and I haven't yet gotten around to buying more."
  • "He grinned, and everything about him was perfect, and I fell in love instantly."
  • "I fear for anyone caught between what they know and what they don’t yet know that they don’t know."
  • "Guns don’t kill people. It’s impossible to be killed by a gun. We are all invincible to bullets and it’s a miracle."
  • "Well, submit an insurance claim anyway. See what you can get, right?"
  • "The sun didn’t set at the correct time today."
  • "Things would actually be slightly harder for us without the sun."
  • "The structure of Heaven and the organizational chart are privileged information."
  • "Alligators — can they kill your children? Yes."
  • "To get personal for a moment, I think the best way to die would be swallowed by a giant snake."
  • "Look to the north. Keep looking. There’s nothing coming from the south."
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a day late but still